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2nd Floor || a Thriller Short Film || #DreamFilmz_Productions

“I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.”  ― Samuel Johnson Watch This Short Film Now DreamFilmz presents its' first thriller film, 2nd Floor based on the thought that How humanity is the worst enemy of mankind itself. Watch and Enjoy. Disclaimer- This video doesn't endorse violence or any gruesome acts depicted in the film. Please Watch it as just the form of Cinema. Viewer's discretion is advised. Please like this video, comment your view and subscribe for more such upcoming videos.  Share, Support and Subscribe!!! Follow us here... Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Blogspot: GooglePlus:  

Jim Carrey: An inspirational Story of a Life Time. #DreamFilmz Productions.

How often does it happen that few people give up because of one problem or the other in their life? They give up chasing their dreams because they accept their defeat rather too soon.  But that's certainly is not the case with one of our legendary comic actors, none other than Jim Carrey.  Not many people know, but veteran  actor   Jim Carrey  is a live example of a success story that is inspiring. “Jim Carrey has a dark past. The Canadian actor grew up in poverty and at 12 years old was forced to get an after-school factory job working eight hours per day. His  father  lost his job when he was  15 and since then this guy has been sort of taking on the world. It seems the actor always had a knack for antics and that was to pay off but not just yet. The family lived in a van for a while, and he along with his family worked together as  security guards  and janitors. “ His father would help him put together stage acts and drive him to  Toronto  to debut at the comed