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How to Start Career in Acting or Modelling #DreamFilmz

1.#ACTING   career in #acting means overcoming a number of hurdles and developing a strong set of skills necessary to succeed both on- and off-stage. We provide you a  platform as a starting point for anyone seriously interested in the world of professional acting. If you want to explore the opportunities in the field of your passion, acting- that is, then  Sign up  with us today at 2.#Modelling   Is your lifelong dream to become a model? It's not just about being beautiful. Find out if you can handle the hard work that comes with it.   You are likely to hear that to be a model you need to be beautiful, tall and slender with perfect proportions. Now, this is certainly true for high fashion models, where designers want one type of model that they feel shows off their designs in the best way. However, if you do not fit this criteria, don’t despair as there are many other areas that you can work in successfully and lucrative
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  #delhi #tvc #castingcall CASTING CALL for MARUTI SUZUKI TVC Only for DELHI/NCR Required Upmarket, elegant and premium actors for an upcoming Maruti Suzuki TV commercial. REQUIREMENTS : 1. MALE : 25 - 55 Yrs (Upmarket, Good actor) 2. KIDS (Both Girl and Boy) : 5 - 9 Yrs (Upmarket, Charming, Good Actor) 3. FEMALE : 25 - 35 Yrs ( Elegant, Upmarket, Good Actor) 4. NORTH-EASTERN WOMAN : 45 - 50 Yrs NORTH-EASTERN YOUNG BOY : 23 - 25 Yrs If you fit the criteria, please share your profile on : 837-705-4567 - DreamFilmz(Whatsapp Only) Regards DreamFilmz Castings

Audition Today on 17th Oct, 2020 - Actors required for Punjabi Look

 Casting Call!   For an upcoming TVC, we are looking for Punjab based Male & Female actors  1. Female Actors (16-50 years old)  2. Male Actors with and without turban  Interested actors can mail their profiles with an introduction video at  (Subject Line: TVC - Name  Age) Or Whatsapp @ 9888055120 (Navi) (NO CALLS, WHATSAPP ONLY) * Please avoid spamming if you don't fit the requirement   Kindly note- that this page is for casting news/auditions updates only. We don't endorse any of these posts and do not take responsibility for their claims. You are strongly advised to verify their ingenuity before providing any personal details. Always Remember- NEVER EVER PAY ANY MONEY FOR ANY AUDITION.


Ccasting Call  Project - YouTube short film for our YouTube channel. Requirements - 1. Male actor (40 years to 45 years) - fluent in English, dominant and cooperate looking to play a character of the boss. 2. Female actor (24 years to 26 years) - dusky, rustic, who belongs to a small village in the outskirts of Mumbai. 3. Female actor (45 years to 55 years) - Dusky, who belongs to a small village in the outskirts of Mumbai. 4. Male Child actor (4 years to 6 years) - Dusky kid with big eyes. Actors who are interested can mail us your profiles on our casting ID - (Ideally Actors based in Mumbai) Shoot dates - tentatively between 20th Oct - 27th Oct.   Kindly note- that this page is for casting news/auditions updates only. We don't endorse any of these posts and do not take responsibility for their claims. You are strongly advised to verify their ingenuity before providing any personal details. Always Remember- NEVER EVER PAY ANY MONEY FOR ANY AUDITIO


Welcome to DreamFilmz Modeling Hub where we give you the best tips on grooming, style, fitness, and the modeling life now if you're new to our blog then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you won't miss anything new whenever we update more on modeling and acting tips. And in this article, we're going to talk about how to look good in photos for men. So there are a couple of tips that you can do to take better photos. 1.        Now number one is to understand the light. The light is the most important thing when it comes to taking photos. Like if you are standing in front of a big window, and then light comes in and everything is clear but you have to make sure that there is no shadow on your face while taking the photograph. Always face the window and light should fall on your face and not on the camera lens.     When you're indoor stand in front of the window where the light is better now if you're outdoor it's better to try and take th

Frozen 2: : Release date, trailers, cast and Love Interest of Elsa.

We still are under the shivering magic spell of Elsa's powers. Yet again, the FROZEN sisters are coming back to spellbound you with their intriguing and magical journey in your nearby theatre on Nov. 22 in US and UK and Dec. 26 in Australia this year. Frozen 2 would be a most anticipating film as the first part of this series was the biggest hit in the anime category. It's the highest grossing animation film so far. Disney plus will also provide this movie on its streaming platform in summer 2020. TRAILERS AND TEASERS The trailer shows that Elsa and Anna are heading towards a dangerous journey to find the answers of Elsa's magical powers. In one clip Elsa is shown rushing toward a giant, violent tide, trying to control it by using her freezing powers but ultimately gets drown in it. The trailer is full of symbolism and subtle hints of the storyline in this sequel.  We can also see that  Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are would be other key role players in t

Gwyneth Paltrow forgot she was in SpiderMan HomeComing #DreamFilmz #CelebNews

“Let this old man give you a massage”, says the toughest avenger to his pretty lady in one of the iron man sequel. Guess what... Seems like Gwyneth Paltrow needs that relaxing massage Iron man recommended because she seems like not getting enough space for relaxation. It appears that she can’t just recall all her Marvel movie appearances, as we just witnessed in a very amusing clip from Jon Favreau's new Food-Focused NETFLIX series, “The Chef Show”  We all know Favreau, who has directed Paltrow in IRON man movie series and  Now he has started his new NETFLIX show.  He got his favorite actress in his show as a guest. Now although two are cooking together for the show, you might wonder what is cooking in POTT’s head as she very cutely asks "What is this TV show for?" Favreau laughs and reveals that he first began shooting scenes for "The Chef Show" with Roy Choi when they (Favreau and Gwyneth) were in Atlanta making "Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Qatl-E-Aam Song from Raman Raghav 2.0 || a Fusion of Electronic Music & Ghazal || #DreamFilmz

You know something terrifying and beyond expectation is going to happen when Anurag Kashyap creates anything. And What a marvel he is going to gift you when he brings Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Masaan fame Vicky Kaushal into one frame. Yes, Raman Raghav 2.0, which is making intriguing impact on our mind has come with this quirky, fucking crazy song, title Qatl-E-Aam. It's a fusion of electronic music and ghazal kinda lyrics which you don't usually see in Bollywood. it's sung by Sona Mahapatra, the singer who is known for her different voice quality. She has given us hits like Bedardi Raja and Jiya Lage Na by pairing with her husband, Ram Sampath. Vicky Kaushal! You won’t believe that he is the same guy who played the 'madly-in-love'. He plays a cop who gives a fuck about rules. He is into drugs and draws coccaine lines with his police ID card before snorting it! In the film, the song forms the backdrop for the developing chemistry between the two