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No Smoking by Anurag Kashyap॥ Film of the Month (January 2018) ॥ #DreamFilmz_Production

Have you seen NO SMOKING, a film by Anurag Kashyap, released back in 2007.  If you are a cinephile and hardcore Anurag's fan, then it's really hard for you to miss this masterpiece. Obviously, it's very not regular film and people were not ready to digest what Anurag was serving in a film which is a metaphor for more than one thing. So most of the critics just didn't give the credit this film deserved.  According to Anurag it's pro-smoking movie but He got an award from the health ministry for making an anty smoking film, and that's what this genius did with people's mind. Now in the film he talks about (if you got the hints right) not only about the smoking but also about the censorship in Bollywood.  There are very intresting theories about the interpretation of few sequence/element  (1 Rs. coin concept and the suicide of K's brother still much to be pondered upon)  in this film which    still are doing round on the internet, yet only Anurag c