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Have you seen NO SMOKING, a film by Anurag Kashyap, released back in 2007. 
If you are a cinephile and hardcore Anurag's fan, then it's really hard for you to miss this masterpiece.

Obviously, it's very not regular film and people were not ready to digest what Anurag was serving in a film which is a metaphor for more than one thing. So most of the critics just didn't give the credit this film deserved. 
According to Anurag it's pro-smoking movie but He got an award from the health ministry for making an anty smoking film, and that's what this genius did with people's mind.
Now in the film he talks about (if you got the hints right) not only about the smoking but also about the censorship in Bollywood. 
There are very intresting theories about the interpretation of few sequence/element (1 Rs. coin concept and the suicide of K's brother still much to be pondered upon) in this film which  still are doing round on the internet, yet only Anurag can tell the best of about from what this surreal experience he created. I found a very interesting review on IMDB which I m posting here...Do read it and experience the best of cinema by watching this movie (if you still not have watched it)

No Smoking is not your traditional movie. It's not targeted to be a box office hit, because simply 9/10 people will find it stupid, boring and curse Mr.Kashyap to be a raving lunatic. But in the truest of sense, there could not have been any better addiction movie than No Smoking. We have had Requiem For a Dream, Trainspotting in Hollywood, but this the first time we have an Indian story to it. True No Smoking is even more abstract than both, but it also follows a complicated theory. One which is iterated by the Guruji(Paresh Rawal) of the Hindu knowledge of the soul, consciousness, and the Vedas.

What is the basic theme of the movie is that every addiction has its core in the consciousness, the soul and we have to purify the soul in order to rid us of the addiction. The entire movie we are thrown into possibilities where the antagonist, K (John Abraham) is comprehending what is right or wrong. And that is not restricted to his addiction but all judgments in his life. Whether or not to cheat on someone's wife, or whether or not to trust someone, whether or not in his actions/inactions he is unintentionally causing anyone harm. Which is why we see he is made to believe his wife's death, his brother's suicide is his doing. But this is what his subconscious is telling him. This is what the cure is trying to tell him.

The treatment that the Guruji is giving him is completely psychological. We find all the patients/relatives of the people who have been to see the "Prayogshala" is admitted to a ward which is made by the Prayogshala itself. People will misinterpret as an emotional blackmail, but in truth its cleansing the soul. We see that the antagonist feels claustrophobic at the end of the end of his dream. 
This is something novel that Fincher did in the legendary "Fight Club"

We find in the end the real K, looking out as if searching for a long lost friend, but in real he was searching for his soul, which was waiting to be cleansed, and as his soul his bathed in fire, it is cleansed and is returned to him. About the missing fingers, well everyone thought that was another torture device, but did anyone notice the fingers missing ?? They were the index finger and the middle finger, the ones we use to smoke. They are taken from the patient as a precaution. And the journey of the soul is complete only when he convinces another of his kin to undergo the same procedure, then his finger is returned to him.

 The direction and screenplay made this the success that it is. 
The soundtracks are also too good. Apart from the Hindi numbers exclusively for the movie, we are also treated with lots of melodious oldies starting from Frank and Nancy Sinatra to others, and to careful notice one can see that all these songs were about smoking. Paresh Rawal is also excellent in his role as the Guruji, he makes it look so easy. Ayesha Takia has not so big yet very important role in the film. There is one particular scene in which she is about to break down emotionally and that one particular scene depicts the prows of her acting very strongly. 

Lastly this review would be incomplete without a special credit to the masterful, artful Anurag Kashyap. He made a movie about a social peril, about smoking, and he made it look so easy, that it was just brilliant. He has well proved his merit over all other contemporaries

I invite all the (aspiring or established) film-makers, cinephile, student of the cinema and/or (aspiring or established) actors to discuss this wonderful and intriguing work of art.
The best comments would be rewarded with an opportunity to work with our production house as a film-maker or vwsas an actor.
No Smoking by Anurag Kashyap॥ Film of the Month (January 2018) ॥ #DreamFilmz_Production No Smoking by Anurag Kashyap॥ Film of the Month (January 2018) ॥ #DreamFilmz_Production Reviewed by DreamFilmz Productions on January 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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